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Smedley, Gallagher & Gee, LLP advises clients in both planning and administration of trusts and estates.


Living Trusts • Wills • Powers of Attorney • Health Care Directives • Marital Agreements • Real Property Deeds


A properly drafted will or trust ensures your assets pass to your beneficiaries with minimal complications. A trust, however, goes further than a will. A trust avoids the unnecessary time and expense associated with probate court. In addition, a trust avoids a court-governed conservatorship if you become incapacitated. Because every family is unique, our attorneys provide you with a customized estate plan to meet your specific needs.


Even the most carefully drafted estate plan requires expertise at the time of settlement. Tax, notice, and real-property title issues must be addressed in a timely manner and if specific deadlines are not met, interest, penalties, and fees can be incurred.

Our attorneys represent executors, trustees and beneficiaries, both private and institutional, to ensure their interests are addressed and they are in compliance with the law.